Copy Writing & Editing

James Parker, Freelance Writer and Communicator

With over ten years experience as a technical writer and communicator, I can help straighten out a variety of communication problems on your website or whatever else is poorly written or unclear.


Over the phone (or using Skype) we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish with your writing or your website. I've been studying communication for a long time, and now I'm pretty good at it. Usually I can spot the main problems with a piece and help someone correct those problems fairly quickly.
I'm also good at discussing technology, because I bring the central ideas up front and tell it in a way that your customers can understand. This goes beyond copy-editing; it's a process of reformulating your message to fit the needs of people that hate being confused by technical jargon. Customers want to know what a particular technology will mean to them, not to the engineer that created it. Customers love clear writing.
Anybody can do that, right? Actually, no. If a writer lacks at least a passing familiarity with the technology at hand, they can make really embarrassing mistakes that harm the client's credibility. I strive to avoid such mistakes by asking the client pointed questions and doing background research. The result is writing that tells customers what they need to know in a form they can understand.


The basic formula for writing is simple: Say what you're going to say, then say it, then say what you said. After that, there's grammar. Subject, verb, noun.
If only it were so simple. And yet, it can get pretty close!
I'm not a fanatic about The King's English. It's just another mode of communication; the world's full of ‘em. However, Standard English is the type ‘O' blood of written communication. That is, (almost) everybody in America understands it, even if it's not chock full of the latest buzzwords or clichés.
That said, I can analyze a type of writing and echo it: A jock acts tough by replacing a standard adverb with an adjective, e.g.: "We played good." Meanwhile, responsibility within an institution is masked by exploiting passive tense. I can emulate such things, or translate them into Standard English. Your choice.
By the way, the best thing about Standard English is that it communicates quickly, and then it's gone, with no irritating aftertaste.

Ad Copy

You have a product, but why would anybody want to buy it? Ad copy is a way of answering that question ahead of time. I'm a creative writer. During conversations I can help develop ad copy by getting at the core of why customers would want your product. Depending on the image you wish to project for your product, we can either zip up the rhetoric with the usual zesty language, or just talk straight. Again, your choice.

Web Content

Web content is different than printed content in that it must bear in mind the existence of links, and the fact that people don't need to see WELCOME every time they visit your website. Web text is short, to-the-point, lots of labels, links and opportunities to sell with a few clicks. --More-- --Contact Us-- --Buy Now--


Nobody likes filling out forms, and most people are terrible at designing them. Fortunately, I have experience in labeling things, arranging text boxes and so on. I don't like forms either, but for money I'll make them.