Social Media

The fact is that our websites reside in the social space of the web – and all the rules of civics applies to our website too. It is Social Media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that provides your business with a launching pad to start a conversation with the potential customers.

What we Offer...

WebtomiX understands the changing nature of the Web and its guidelines of acceptable content. We know that every product or service is unique and it takes a completely unique approach for marketing it on the social networks. We help you by...

  • Building custom applications and widgets for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Create perfect strategy for Blog marketing, RSS marketing and Social marketing.
  • Link your site live to any number of Social Media Platforms.
  • Creating Image and Video content for different social networks – Youtube, Flickr, Article Submission sites, Slide Share, etc.
  • Joining and Configuring social networks for you and configuring them to have the most impact for your business.