Many people are unaware that Magento is a resource-intensive system, even if it’s running on a powerful server and you’re spending a lot of money to optimize it. Slow performance is often due to a lack of awareness about the resource-intensive nature of the platform. This situation is common when Magento is installed on an expensive hosting or VDS-server without any Magento performance optimization or server settings.

Each store is unique and requires a professional investigation. Most speed issues are related to the architecture of custom modules, non-optimized code, and sometimes even Magento core behavior. That’s why we recommend entrusting the job to a certified team that can provide advanced Magento performance optimization, code optimization, and server optimization.

While hosting providers can speed up your store through additional server configurations, such as installing PHP cache or adjusting web-server settings, these measures may not be enough if the problem lies in the Magento core or third-party modules. In such cases, you need a team of certified Magento developers who have experience in Magento core architecture and performance optimization. Typically, both the server environment and Magento code need to be tweaked simultaneously to achieve optimal performance.

At our team, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your store, including both server and Magento speed optimization analysis, to ensure your store runs smoothly and efficiently.

Webtomix provides comprehensive Magento performance optimization services to enhance your store’s speed and functionality. Our optimization services include:


Server environment check: Our specialists perform a full check of your server environment and suggest settings that will work best for your store.

Front-end optimization: Inappropriate development of front-end features can make your store slow. Our certified front-end developers can optimize heavy JavaScript/CSS or the markup of your store to solve these problems.

Magento profiling: We use Magento profiling to locate performance bottlenecks in your store. Our specialists can perform a profiling investigation of your store to identify and resolve performance problems.

Magento settings check: Our specialists can locate bottlenecks caused by incorrect/not optimal Magento settings and optimize them for your store.

Magento code optimization: Our experienced Magento developers can identify speed problems caused by third-party modules or module conflicts and optimize the code for maximum performance.

Database performance: We record slow queries of your database, analyze them and optimize MySQL queries to make them faster.


We also help you configure your server environment for optimal performance:


Nginx web server installation: We install Nginx web server for your Magento store as it is one of the fastest solutions available today.

Advanced server caching: We help you choose the right combination of caching modules that works best for your individual Magento store.

PHP tuning: We install additional speed improvement modules for PHP, such as APC, and implement Magento recommended PHP settings that have been tested on thousands of successful stores.

MySQL tuning: We apply the recommended settings for MySQL and perform a full testing of the MySQL performance.


If you want to improve the performance of your Magento store, contact us directly to learn more about our optimization services.