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What is Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce is an e-commerce platform that was originally developed by Varien Inc. in 2007 under the name “Magento”. The software was released under an open-source license, which allowed users to download and modify the software for free.

The original version of Magento quickly gained popularity among e-commerce businesses due to its flexibility and customizability. It allowed businesses to create online stores that were tailored to their specific needs, with features such as customizable templates, multiple payment options, and inventory management.

In 2010, eBay Inc. acquired a majority stake in Magento, which helped to bring additional resources and funding to the project. The platform continued to evolve, with new features and enhancements being added on a regular basis.

In 2015, Magento was acquired by the private equity firm Permira, and then in 2018, Adobe acquired Magento for $1.68 billion. After the acquisition, Magento was rebranded as Adobe Commerce, and integrated with Adobe’s suite of marketing and analytics tools.

Today, Adobe Commerce is a leading e-commerce platform that is used by businesses of all sizes around the world. It offers a range of features and capabilities, including advanced inventory management, mobile commerce, and personalized customer experiences.