Maintaining a website is crucial for any business, especially for an e-commerce website. Regular check-ups are necessary to ensure it’s running smoothly. Even if you have the best service provider (which, of course, we are referring to ourselves), it’s always advisable to get feedback from a third party. This feedback can improve your website’s efficiency.

A Magento technical audit is essential if you’re experiencing slow page or admin load, Magento error messages, orphaned transactions, product or category listing issues, caching issues, indexing problems, Cron scheduling failures, unknown downtime, checkout problems, and other similar issues. These can hinder your website’s effective administration and potentially harm your business.

Webtomix offers technical assessments that can help you examine your online store and identify potential technical issues that need fixing to help you grow and scale your business. Our assessment will ensure that you’re prepared for any obstacles that come your way. Our experienced auditors can help you understand whether best practices were used during the development and data entry process.

What you’ll get with our Magento Technical Audit

With a Magento Technical Audit from Webtomix, you can expect a thorough analysis of your eCommerce store’s code quality and usability, conducted by experienced experts. Our audit provides you with:

  • A concise executive summary of findings with priorities
  • Preliminary review of 3rd party extensions
  • Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions
  • Review of database integrity to ensure accurate data recording
  • Identification of top priorities for your developers
  • Comprehensive review of your store’s source code for code quality
  • Analysis of potential modifications to the Magento core system
  • Analysis of your store’s speed and performance, including HTTP requests, optimizations, and expire headers.

At Webtomix, we understand that each business is unique, and we tailor our assessment to your specific needs. We do not use automated processes but instead provide recommendations based on the actual condition of your site. Our Magento Technical Audit not only identifies issues but also provides valuable insights and ideas for future improvements to drive sales and conversions. Contact us today to start the conversation about the Magento Technical Audit you’re interested in by filling out our Contact Us form.