Ecommerce is an agile and trusted business solution for taking your products beyond your local market. WebtomiX offers one of the most robust eCommerce solutions in the Industry.

  • 24x7x365 business — Non-stop business transaction.
  • National and Global customer reach — WebtomiX e-commerce websites can be accessed through Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Rapid uniform information — Unlike a traditional store, an online store is able to deliver quick messages about products, services, promotions.
  • Enhanced Bottom-line — The presence of an online store lends credibility to your physical store leading to a greater trust factor as well as greater sales. Your online store can act as effective advertising to pull in walk-in local traffic.
  • Zero-Middleman — There is no scope of any revenue going to the middle man.
  • Automated Operations — eCommerce solutions are seamlessly integrated with Payment and accounting gateways leading to a complete automation of business transactions.
  • Enhanced Web visibility — eCommerce Websites are Search Engine Friendly — a greater chance for your products to be found on the web.

What we Offer...

WebtomiX's Online Store Solutions are:

  • 100% Safe — The hosting service behind your store should be like a well oiled machine — WebtomiX servers have a track record of 99.9% up time rating.
  • Efficient manageability — Your online store can be managed and maintained from any part of the world as long as you have the internet connection.
  • Agile and Scalable solution — Upgrade and customization of the eCommerce site is super easy and can be accomplished with little training.
  • Transactional Security — All financial transactions undergo a tamper-proof security system based on best of breed encryption algorithms.
  • User friendly design — Visitors are the key to success and WebtomiX's eCommerce solution is known for their user friendliness.
  • Aesthetics and Appearance — An uncluttered website design which is easy on the eyes is indispensable for the online store's success.

Webtomix eCommerce Solution Features...

  • 100% search engine compatible solution
  • You can set up as many categories, subcategories and products as you want
  • Secure Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Card Processing
  • Best of Breed Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Robust Backorder management and an intuitive Inventory Control
  • Automated invoice generation and tracking
  • Multiple Shipping & Tax Options
  • Real time UPS and FedEx calculations
  • Real time Inventory tracking and reporting
  • Accurate tracking of Return customers
  • Easily accessible of Back order history
  • Customer has access to the order history
  • Customers can view order history
  • Featured product listing Basic and Advanced Search Inventory management
  • Multi supplier drop shipment calculations
  • Password protected sections based on authority
  • Express checkout capability
  • Site Traffic reporting capability
  • Browsing capability by price, manufacturer, category